Technical Committee 024

Technical committee 024


By order 1996 of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of 12.07.2007, technical committee 024 "Metrological provision of hydrocarbon production and metering" was formed on the basis of FGUP VNIIR, which unites all leading specialists in the field of liquid and gas flow measurement. TC-024 consists of representatives of government authorities, major petroleum and instrument-making companies, scientific, technical and research organizations. All essential standards for flow rate and volumetric measurement of extracted, as well as processed and transported hydrocarbons have been developed and implemented by TC-024. During the period of TC-024s operation in 2008-2010 over 40 normative documents in the rank of GOST, GOST R and RMG on metrological provision of petroleum and petroleum products metering were developed.

As parent company of TK-024, FGUP VNIIR, being in charge of its secretariat, regularly holds meetings of the technical committee at the Institute, and also co-ordinates the conduct of TC-024 meetings by organizations-participants of the committee.